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Best soundbar: boost your TV's audio and get music streaming, too


Is your TV pushing weak, tinny audio at you? Sounds like you might need a soundbar

As televisions get slimmer they may look more attractive, but the audio quality is thin, too. A soundbar puts back some power and bass without the intrusive cables and clutter of a home cinema system. Though they don't all supply surround sound – just as many soundbars deal only in stereo, so choose wisely.

Some have subwoofers built-in to the main unit, while others include wired or wireless options. What most now have is Bluetooth and/or WiFi to stream music wirelessly from phones; some have Apple AirPlay, others NFC for pairing with Android phones.

Either way, the best soundbars make a play for being your new home cinema and music hub – and if that's what you're after, you'll want as many HDMI inputs as possible.

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