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In 1880s, at the time of the German Commonwealth of Austria, a young man held a concert, though not large, but began his dream of music.
      He was 19 years old, and his family disagreed with his career in music. He could only learn secretly. He loves music as a career and insists on it for decades. In Vienna, which has a strong musical background, he is immersed in the creation and enjoyment of music.
      The days passed quickly, in his middle age, his country suffered a disastrous defeat during a war with it's neighbor, the war brought destruction and reparations to make his country and people into a bitter and pessimistic state, there seems no to light and future, he thinks he has the responsibility to encourage people, arouse people's confidence in life, and his powerful and only weapon is music. He spent almost two years to create a full of life, optimistic song, it sounds beautiful, lively style loved by the people, people are encouraged and it's widely spread, this is the world famous "The Blue Danube ", so that people around the world know the waltz, feel the shock of music. For Austria at that time, it was not only a music, a culture, but also a belief.
      He was also known as the king of waltz--from the ancient German "Walzer""

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